Loadstone Transportation, LLC, Las Cruces, NM  

Loadstone Broker Team


 Michael Clyons, Broker and Chief Operating Officer

Mike has near 20 years experience with progressive accomplishments in all aspects of North American freight management.  Mike, having worked many positions from truck driver in the US Army to a Distribution Manager of a 60 million dollar El Paso / Juarez twin plant operation to a well known South West Region Broker; he brings the value of having been on both sides of the fence.  Mike's key understanding of both the customers and carriers needs, his leadership and discipline instilled by the military and a military family and his years experience in the industry provides Loadstone with one of the nations top freight brokers.


Sergio Lozano, Broker and Vice President of Carrier Relations

Sergio is an El Paso native and was born into a trucking family.  He was running a yard dog when most were learning to ride a bike.  After school Sergio also worked in other aspects of the El Paso transportation industry before finding his love for freight brokering.  Sergio's ability to negotiate with carriers is second to none.  His crucial first hand knowledge and insight into the internal workings of trucking companies is key to our Carrier Development Department.